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Kilhey Court, Standish


Kilhey Court wedding photographer Lancashire

Kilhey Court Wedding Photographer

Lancashire Wedding Photographer at Kilhey Court

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A short history of Kilhey Court

Kilhey Court's rich history began in Victorian times when Thomas Fairhurst built the house for his wife Elizabeth. A well-known brewer, Fairhurst set about constructing Kilhey Court in 1884 as the ultimate wedding present. A hundred years later, a house steeped in history and family tradition opened as a hotel and now bears the Macdonald stamp of luxury and style.

Kilhey Court wedding photographer opportunities

A Victorian-style coutnry house surrounded by 10 acres of gardens, and views of Worthington Lakes. Like the outside the interiors retain an air of historic design offset by contemporary furniture. Kilhey Court is a perfect location for your wedding it's a pretty big venue and has large gardens for photographers (even guests!) to use.

Kilhey Court

Rear of Kilhey Court

Standish, Kilhey Court

Wedding car arriving

Bride and Groom with wedding car

Kilhey Court and guests

Groom with groomsmen

wedding group

Bride and Groom at Kilhey Court

Bride & Groom walking

Bride and groom with veil

Portrait of the bride

Kilhey Court Wedding Breakfast Room

Breakfast Room with guests