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St Lawrence Church, Barton


St Lawrence Church wedding photographer Lancashire

St Lawrence Church Wedding Photographer

Lancashire Wedding Photographer at St Lawrence Church

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A short history of St Lawrence Church

There has probably been a chapel in the area from an early time, but there are no records of it. In 1650 St. Lawrence's chapel had neither minister nor maintenance. In 1723 Richard Shuttleworth, retaining the right of presentation, made it a semi-public chapel. It was made parochial in 1850, and was pulled down and rebuilt 1896 and is now a Grade II listed building.

St Lawrence Church wedding photographer opportunities

St. Lawrence's is a great church to capture the unfolding wedding ceremony. Leading up to the church is a lovely long path that offers opportunities to capture the excited and nervous bride as she arrives. Inside there is ample space with a high celing and prominent columns. For the wedding photographer there is plenty of natural light that offers opportunities for capturing the wedding ceremony without much problem. In addition discreet wedding photographs can be taken from the spacious side aisles. Outside, there is plenty of space for the confetti wedding photographs and if the group wedding pictures are not being taken at the wedding reception then there is space available for these.

St Lawrence Church


Inside St Lawrence Church

Church Pathway

Walking down the aisle

Vicar of St Lawrence

Back of the church

Blessin of the rings

Wedding Reading






Side of St Lawrence Church