Sarah Yeoman Photography

Chorley Wedding Photographer

Chorley Registry Office, Devonshire House, Chorley, Lancashire

When Michelle and Brandon first enquired about having me as their wedding photographer, they told me that this would be a very small wedding. I had no idea just how small it was until talking through their plans with them. Michelle and Brandon had planned to marry a year previously, however, due to a bereavement in the family the wedding was put on hold. Upon deciding to go through with the wedding they decided that would like to keep the wedding intimate, personal and very, very small. So small in fact that the wedding consisted of just the two of them.

As the wedding was to be a private and intimate day I was booked to cover the ceremony and some photographs of them both following the ceremony. Upon arriving at Devonshire House which is where Chorley Registry Office resides, I met with the couple. They had decided that they would go against tradition, meet together before the wedding and walk down the aisle together. I met with them both in the waiting area and took a few photographs while we waited. It was a big surprise to me at this time, to be asked to be a witness to their wedding. I felt hugely honoured to be asked to perform this important role and to be included in their special day in such a way.

When everyone was ready to proceed I took my place at the front of the ceremony room and waited for Michelle and Brandon to walk down the aisle together. As they walked through the doors and down the aisle, they both looked so happy and in love. The ceremony was, just as they wanted, very private, intimate and lovely. I performed my part as wedding photographer and witness and feel so honoured that my name is now on their wedding certificate and they will remember me and my photographs for the rest of their lives.

Following the ceremony, the three of us ventured off to Astley Park. The couple had requested some photographs of them both and were happy to travel to Astley Park to achieve this so that we could get a variety of backgrounds and different poses. On arrival at the park, the couple enjoyed a celebratory glass of champagne. In a lot of the weddings I photograph, one of the sections of the day that some couples really look forward to, is the fun of the confetti throw. As there was just the two of them we incorporated a different way of ‘throwing confetti’ which I think worked really well and contributes a lot to the story of their day and the intimacy of it.

Here are some of the photographs from their special day. If you are planning a wedding at Chorley Registry Office, Devonshire House why not get in touch? I’ve shot several weddings at this location and there are mid-week discounts available for Registry Office Weddings – ask me for details.