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Christmas family photography to celebrate the love that binds this family

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It feels odd writing this post about a Christmas Family Photography Shoot as we are rolling into Spring. At first I delayed submitting this as I didn’t want to spoil any surprises. But then as we got into the New Year, I got really busy with the wedding side of my business, time simply passed by far too quickly!

Most of us wait eagerly for Christmas as it is the occasion when we meet our friends and relatives.  We love to gorge on roast turkey, cookies, cakes and pudding and send cards to our nearest and dearest. For me, it is also the time when families approach me for a Christmas photoshoot. So, when Alexandra got in touch, I was more than elated. 

Christmas photoshoot with a loving family 

I was really happy to get a message from Alexandra enquiring about a Christmas Shoot. My association with Alexandra links to my involvement with Scouting with her eldest son having been in my cub pack. Alexandra wanted a photo of her family that she could use to personalise her Christmas Cards. 

Theo is the elder brother who is very sweet and caring and a fantastic big brother towards his younger sibling Nico.  However, being brothers there is still always that cheekiness that exists between siblings. I therefore wanted to capture an element of that cheekiness in some fun photos. Of course I couldn’t ignore showing the more caring nature in some more formal photos.

Since it’s a Christmas photoshoot, Alexandra chose bright-coloured, Christmas themed clothes for the boys. Once we had taken some of the more formal portraits the boys had a change of clothes. Given that Christmas at home usually means the kids are in their Pyjamas that’s exactly what Theo wore, Nico on the other hand, dressed in his Santa Suit which I think made him look super cute.

The photographs are a mix of classic Christmas photos with the entire family, some candid photos and some fun silly ones too. Alexandra and Rob make a truly loving couple who shower their kids with love and affection. They also have a fun loving attitude which was fantastic and I feel is captured in this set of family portraits. The festive season certainly got a lot cheerer for me with their warm smiles and loving bond between them.

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