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Astra and Steve’s Whirlwind of Love: A Devonshire House Wedding and Cunliffe Hall Celebrations in Chorley

Astra and Steve’s wedding day was a symphony of love, laughter, and heartfelt moments that unfolded at Devonshire House. Followed by joyous celebrations at Cunliffe Hall in Chorley. As their chosen photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the unique and unforgettable moments that defined their special day.

The day commenced at the Plaza Hotel, where I joined the grooms’ party for the excitement of getting ready. Laughter and camaraderie filled the air as we took group photos outside, setting the tone for a day of celebration. 

Meanwhile, Astra was getting ready at a salon before completing her preparations at her dad’s place. I joined her there to capture intimate moments with her sister and nieces. Which added a touch of warmth and familial love to the collection of memories.

The ceremony at Devonshire House was a heartwarming affair, marked by Steve’s warm welcome sign and the couple’s exchange of vows. The post-ceremony celebrations took a sweet turn with an ice cream van, offering a delightful treat to all in attendance.

As the celebration continued at Cunliffe Hall. A flower wall provided a picturesque backdrop for photos, proving to be a great alternative on a day when the weather had other plans. The speeches were a highlight, delivering a cascade of hilarious moments that had everyone, including myself, laughing with joy.

Astra and Steve’s wedding day was a whirlwind of love, from the heartfelt moments at Devonshire House to the laughter-filled celebrations at Cunliffe Hall. Their journey into matrimony was marked by love, joy, and a collection of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime

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