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Wedding Photography at The Georgian House Hotel Bolton

Your wedding doesn’t have to be a photo shoot.

I’m always surprised how often people assume that to get a great photograph you need to stop what you are doing, change your position and freeze for the camera, but as a documentary photographer all that means is that you are taken out of the moment and all that amazing life and spontaneity is lost. I never direct documentary moments. EVER. I never move people or ask them to redo something they have just done. I never remove them from the real moment in any way because I passionately believe that the best photographs on your wedding day happen when you live your wedding. I want you to experience it spontaneously, freely, without one eye on the camera or on where to stand and what is going to happen next. It is my job to bottle your memories for you without you even really knowing it is happening. I am your eyes on your wedding day and I will play back your memories for you.

For these reasons, and many more, it was such an honour to be asked to photograph Nikki and Richard’s Wedding day at the Georgian House Hotel near Bolton. I was able to capture all the big moments, the small moments, the seemingly insignificant moments, the side-splitting hilarious moments, the emotional moments, ALL OF THEM, and I know how much they all truly matter to the couple. I think it’s fair to say that this was a pretty extraordinary wedding, one I will remember for a long time. Some things stick with me from this wedding, Nikki’s dress was superb, Richard’s military suit, there is something so fairy tale-esque when a groom wears a uniform, and the amazing entertainment.  It was one of those weddings where everyone came together to have such an amazing time and one big party. Coupled with their high energy it was a day full of fun, spontaneous outbursts, laughter and a bit messy in places. But that is what a wedding should be, crazy, stupid, fun and messy love. Boring gets left at the door and you just enjoy the company of those you love… and CAKE, we can’t forget the cake!!!

Here are some images from their lovely day…

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