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I get to meet so many amazing people at weddings. From couples, their friends & family, through to key staff who play such important roles at the venue. But one of the most important roles of any wedding day is trusted to the person who conducts the ceremony.  I had the absolute pleasure to work alongside Mary Richards, an independent Celebrant  at this amazing Heskin Hall wedding. Mary created a unique bespoke ceremony that reflected this couples personalities. This included their hopes, dreams, and connection. Jane and Ian’s ceremony was totally unique because it was filled with personal, meaningful moments. The couple and their guests, will remember those moments for a long time. 

A Unique Ceremony 

This ceremony was lucky enough, to be able to take place in the gardens of Heskin Hall. Largely thanks to how lucky with were with the weather. The ceremony began, much like any other, with the entrance of the bridal party.  Mary gave an introduction, once everyone was seated. Jane and her Sisters, then lit candles in memory of their Mum. Following this was the telling of Jane and Ian’s love story. All Jane and Ian’s important moments were weaved together making this particular love story truly beautiful.  All the adventures and funny quirks this couple had shared over the years were included. The couple and their guests journeyed together through this fantastic story which brought both laughter and emotion to all.

 After the love story, the couple exchanged rings and vows, which they wrote themselves. Mary then led Jane and Ian, Daughter, Son and GrandDaughter through a Sand Blending Ceremony. The Sand Blending ceremony is full of symbolism. Each family member was given a coloured sand, from an individual vessel, which they then combined into one larger vessel. This act represented the joining together of everyone, in the creation of a new union and family. The joined vessel symbolises the marriage of both partners’, their children and their hopes, dreams and values. 

The Legal Ceremony

Although this ceremony was beautiful and unique, the couple still had to do “the legal bit”. In order for their marriage to be recognised by UK law, the legal but is a necessity. So, the couple had a second, short, ceremony following a break (and a few photos). The couple entered the room together as the ceremony began. Then, with the registrars, witnesses and guests observing. The couple recited the legal wording and were declared married. Following, everyone ventured outside into the gardens for the confetti throw and drinks. They were then seated for their rustic afternoon tea.

This wedding was both beautiful and unique and one to be remembered by all who attended. I wish Jane and Ian lots more happiness, love and laughter as they continue their love story, happy ever after.

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