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Male Portrait Photography | Male Headshots

One of the reasons I love photography is the variation it brings. Although every form of photography I take, involves the same camera and set of lenses that I own. Each subject I am photographing presents a different approach and requires an alternative view. Photographing a bride and groom requires a different arrangement from photographing a family. This again is different to individual portraits. Even individual portraits themselves vary. Female portrait photography is quite different to Male Portrait Photography, there is no one situation that suits all. For example when photographing ladies they like to look beautiful where as gentlemen tend to want to look cool and sophisticated.

Headshots vs Portraits

On a beautiful sunny spring day I met Stephen in Astley Park to capture a headshot and some portrait photographs for him. What’s the difference between headshots and portrait photography? Well, technically a headshot is a portrait but there is a difference between the two. A headshot tends to be just that. A photo of the head and shoulders. They are generally used for professional purposes such as LinkedIn profile photos. Subjects are usually looking straight at the camera and have plain & simple backgrounds.  Portraits, on the other hand, are more about capturing the individuals character and personality. They are more creative and artistic using dramatic lighting and backgrounds to tell a story. They can be full body and the subject may or may not be looking at the camera.

Both headshot and portrait photography can be in the studio or environmental. However with headshot photography the background should not distract from the face. The background tends to be more blurred and less busy. With portrait photography the backdrop can be detailed to add interest, context or drama to the portrait.

Environmental Portraits

We wandered around making use of the huge variety of features in the park for backdrops etc. Stephen also brought along some jackets and sunglasses that we could use as props. The park was surprisingly busy for a week day but we managed to avoid the public to get the shots we needed. Photographing in full sun is, in itself a challenge. The light is direct, contrasty and harsh and this can often cause many issues for photographers. However, used in the right way it can add drama and result in some dynamic images. Making use of the sunlight, the shade and the props Stephen brought, I created a set of portrait photographs that make him look both cool and sophisticated. I had great fun taking this set of photographs and meeting Stephen.

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