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A Picture-Perfect Love: Michelle and Lawrence’s Wedding at Devonshire House, Chorley

Michelle and Lawrence’s love story unfolded against the backdrop of charm at Devonshire House in Chorley. As their chosen photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the beautiful moments that marked the beginning of their forever.

The day commenced with a visit to Michelle’s house for the bridal preparations. In the midst of the excitement and anticipation, I found myself engaged in a delightful conversation with Michelle’s dad, a photography enthusiast himself. Sharing stories and insights, we bonded over our love for capturing moments, setting a positive and warm tone for the day ahead.

The ceremony was an intimate affair. With close family and friends gathered to witness Michelle and Lawrence exchange vows. As they sealed their commitment with a kiss. The courtyard of Devonshire House became a canvas for confetti and joy, creating an exuberant atmosphere.

Stunning Portraits in Astley Park

Following the ceremony, we embarked on a journey to Astley Park for formal couple portraits. The lush surroundings provided a picturesque backdrop for capturing the essence of Michelle and Lawrence’s love. Every click of the camera immortalised the tenderness and authenticity that defined their relationship.

Astley Park offered a serene escape, allowing Michelle and Lawrence to share private moments amid the natural beauty of their surroundings. The formal couple portraits became a visual narrative of their love story. Each image telling a unique chapter of the day they pledged their forever to each other.

Michelle and Lawrence’s wedding at Devonshire House was more than a ceremony. It was a visual symphony of love and connection. Every photograph, from the bridal preparations to the formal couple portraits, spoke volumes about the profound joy that enveloped the day. Their wedding day became a timeless collection of memories, encapsulating the beauty of their journey into matrimony.

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