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The Laughter - What is it that I love about this wedding picture.

I thought I’d start a sequence of posts that take a look back at some of my favourite photos from weddings both recent and old. I’m not going to name it, for example, throw back Thursday or other similar catchy titles as I’m rubbish at putting blogs out on a regular basis. So, for now, I’m simply going to talk about an image that I like, explain why I like it and discuss, perhaps, a little about the technicalities behind the shot.  I hope you enjoy my ramblings…..

So, this shot was taken in March this year at Andrea & Scott’s wedding at Ribby Hall, Wrea Green.  This picture is not about Scott, the groom, although he is in the picture. But, rather it’s of one of the groom’s men and whilst editing it struck me for a number of reasons.

You know what I like most about the picture?  The laughter.  There is an element of photography that is all technical…… composition, depth of field etc., but to be totally honest, I will rarely allow any of those “rules” affect me taking a picture that I think will capture a moment of that day – forever.

During the reception there was a magician amazing the guests with his card trick. When I saw him interacting with the groom and his friend, and having seen the affect the tricks had on other guests, I knew there was going to be a great reaction.  I like the fact that the grooms man is framed by Scott and the magician, but that’s partly coincidental. I converted the image to black and white as I wanted all the focus to be on the grooms man and his reaction and didn’t want anything else to distract from it.  To me the image is all about the smile and the happiness…… and that’s what wedding photography is all about right?

Shot on a Canon 5D MkIII, it’s one of my favourite photos from this year, so far. 

Technical Details:

Camera:  Canon 5D MkIII
ISO: 200
Exposure:  1/250 second at f/6.3
Flash:  Did not fire