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Wrightington Hotel & Spa Wedding Photography | The Wrightington Hotel Wedding Photos

The Wrightington Hotel Wedding Photography – Aaron & Matthew tied the knot on a beautiful sunny day, at the Wrightington Hotel near Wigan. When I arrived I found the grooms in different areas of the hotel, as they prepared for the day ahead.  Matthew was on hand to greet the guests as they arrived. Meanwhile, Aaron readied himself in one of the rooms, avoiding being seeing by his groom ahead of the ceremony. 

Once all the guests had arrived and were seated, Aaron then made his way to the ceremony room where he was greeted by his groom Matthew. The happy couple walked down the aisle, with huge beaming smiles, accompanied by Matthew’s mum. The ceremony was an intimate one, during which an emotional tear or two was shed by several guests. Finally, Aaron and Matthew were introduced as the new Mr & Mr, and together they walked back down the aisle. 

The wedding that went with a bang!

The guests lined the aisle with confetti cannons. As the grooms walked past their guests, the cannons were released and, oh my goodness they really went off with an almighty bang! Those canons were some of the loudest I’ve ever heard, and they incited lots of laughter from our couple. Afterwards, everyone ventured outside into the sunshine, once we had all recovered our hearing! The wedding party and all their guests were relaxed, chatting, laughing and simply enjoying the day and celebrations. The beautiful gardens were then put to good use for group photographs along with some more formal portraits of the couple. It wasn’t long before everyone was invited to be seated for the wedding breakfast. This was then my que to leave them. All too soon the day was over for me. The guests however, continued enjoy the rest of the day celebrating.

Aaron & Matthews special day was a happy one, spent with their closest friends and family. It was a true pleasure to be a part of their day and record their memories for them. I wish them all the very best for their future together.

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